Building blocks for your business communication needs

The™ is a single sign-on platform where the global community, consisting of Telecom Operators, enterprises of different sizes, B2B resellers or end-users, can access multiple integrated products, applications and services that will satisfy their business communication needs. Our vision is for™ to be the go-to platform that provides all of the communication building blocks required for your business, with a click of a button.

The first two building blocks to be hosted by™ are™ and™. These highly useful products serve as compelling examples of how diverse services may operate independently or together, are simple to use, and are fully compatible with standard VoIP infrastructure.

The™ platform is a fully-scalable and feature-rich virtual phone system that may be seamlessly integrated with any VoIP-compatible infrastructure, and is well suited for co-branding programs by service operators, integrators, resellers and enterprise customers.

The™ platform is an innovative SIP-based softphone for MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices. This app is supported by a fully-featured management portal which simplifies the configuration, management and secure deployment of business VoIP services to end-users, regardless of their location or operating system.

The combination of these two products offers users the extensive functionality of a cloud PBX, together with a softphone app that is compatible with major operating platforms, creating the ultimate phone system.

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