Products and services

The first projects to be hosted by™ are™ and™. These applications have been developed by the innovation team of DIDWW, and serve as an example of how diverse products may operate independently or together, are simple to use, and are fully compatible with standard VoIP infrastructure.™ is a fully-featured, virtual phone system that makes cloud telephony available to everyone. This platform includes a unique, easy to use, drag-and-drop based management interface that allows multiple users, remote offices and telecommuters to become part of a single and highly flexible phone system. The product is fully scalable, and configurations cover a wide range of applications from simple home use through to complex, multi-branch voice systems.

Our vision is that this product will be the cloud PBX of choice, used by every business on the planet. Therefore,™ has been specifically designed to conform to our philosophy of open connectivity, and this platform is an independent cloud application that may be seamlessly integrated with any VoIP compatible infrastructure (such as call termination or origination services) of the customer’s choice. In addition, the specifically chosen generic name of the product reflects its independence and is well suited for co-branding programs by service operators, integrators, resellers and enterprise customers.™ is an innovative SIP-based softphone for MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices, and is designed for those who want to own full control of their business communications experience. This app presents a unique, simple-to-use and innovative drag-to-call user interface, where all the necessary functions are displayed front and center, smoothly integrating and optimizing voice operations with the workflow processes.

A fully-featured optional management portal is provided for use in conjunction with™ apps, allowing administrators to securely configure, maintain and control these apps installed on user devices, regardless of their location or operating system. This means that SIP credentials and passwords are hidden from users, providing a significant layer of security for the underlying network.

Early access is now open